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Restoring Consumer Protections and Rebuilding Consumer Confidence

Strong and fair consumer protection laws help keep hard-earned dollars in the pockets of consumers. They also level the playing field for businesses. Most businesses play by the rules; those that don’t must not gain competitive advantage by making misrepresentations or engaging in unscrupulous practices.

I have spent my career standing up for consumers and small businesses, first at Legal Aid, then as an attorney at the Federal Trade Commission and in private practice, in the Oregon State Legislature where I served as Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee, and now as a Member of Congress. I have taken on financial firms when they engaged in predatory lending and other unfair practices, cracked down on payday lenders, fought mortgage companies that were taking advantage of homeowners, and prevented insurance companies from taking advantage of seniors.

As a member of Congress, I’ve worked on making sure student loan borrowers understand the terms of their loans and aren’t being taken advantage of, strengthening elder abuse regulations, and closing loopholes that allow payday lenders to circumvent state laws by selling their products online.