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Latest Updates

March 20, 2017Inexcusable
March 15, 2017Petition: Stop Trumpcare!
March 10, 2017Health care is making history
March 2, 2017I'm not surprised
Feb. 28, 2017This is not just about bathrooms
Feb. 26, 2017This time they're going after Oregon workers.
Feb. 22, 2017Sign to overturn Citizens United!
Feb. 18, 2017Cut Medicare? No way.
Feb. 12, 2017Well, Betsy DeVos...
Feb. 4, 2017"Making the EPA Great Again."
Jan. 20, 2017Stand against Trump - sign the petition
Jan. 16, 2017We're asking for a better choice
Jan. 12, 2017Before it's too late:
Dec. 19, 2016[Petition] Do not withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement
Dec. 17, 2016Remember this "Christmas miracle?"
Dec. 13, 2016Investigation needed
Dec. 7, 2016Setting a standard
Dec. 2, 2016A reckless plan for health care
Nov. 28, 2016Statement on Nomination of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary
Nov. 20, 2016He picked who?!
Nov. 10, 2016Going forward.
Oct. 25, 2016Standing up for survivors
Oct. 20, 2016Petition: A public option for health care
Oct. 19, 2016Innovation & Opportunity Luncheon
Oct. 14, 2016DAILY ASTORIAN: Endorsement: Voters should return Bonamici to Washington
Oct. 10, 2016Yamhill Valley News Register: Bonamici draws overflow audience in Mac
Oct. 7, 2016Wyden, Bonamici easy choices for return to Washington, D.C.
Oct. 6, 2016Tell Congress: Hands off Social Security benefits
Sept. 21, 2016It's SIMPLE
Sept. 16, 2016Petition: Lower the price, save lives.
Sept. 14, 2016Bonamici, Amodei Join Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus
Sept. 10, 2016Bonamici, Costello Introduce Bill to Reduce Student Loan Defaults
Aug. 30, 2016Breaking down walls
Aug. 28, 2016Trump, Oregon, and our values
Aug. 19, 2016Respecting our Seniors
Aug. 17, 2016Something new every week.
Aug. 5, 2016This is about women and children (petition)
July 21, 2016Petition: Do No Harm
July 21, 2016A long record of extremism
July 20, 2016Protecting Retirement Savings
July 16, 2016Petition: Stop gun violence
July 15, 2016Bonamici Introduces Bill to Protect Communities from Oil Train Accidents
July 11, 2016Petition: Stop predatory payday lenders!
July 9, 2016Bonamici Presses for Meaningful Action to Address Gun Violence
July 6, 2016SCOTUS: no guns for domestic abusers
June 29, 2016States Must Not Block Access to Safe, Legal Abortion
June 26, 2016One year since marriage equality
June 24, 2016 Bonamici Joins Sit-In on House Floor to Demand a Vote on Gun Violence Prevention
June 22, 2016Suzanne is on the floor right now
June 20, 2016United
May 14, 2014Congresswoman to deliver law school graduation address - Around the O
March 20, 2014Bonamici, Read and Unger talked school reform, funding and more at Washington County Education Forum - Oregonian
March 20, 2014Rep. Suzanne Bonamici visits 4-H Tech Wizards at Forest Grove High School - Oregonian
Feb. 21, 2014U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici rides along with Beaverton Meals on Wheels program (video) - Oregonian
Feb. 9, 2014Suzanne Bonamici shares lessons from 2 years in U.S. House - Oregonian