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Your voice matters

by Suzanne Bonamici

In today's challenging political environment, I want you to know that your voice matters. When the attack ads start airing on TV, don't let the negativity discourage you from participating in this critical election.

I strive to represent my constituents with respect and dignity, and to work for policies that Oregonians support -- like investing in infrastructure and education, and equal pay for equal work. But out-of-state political operatives and special interests are pouring millions of dollars into our state in an attempt to distract Oregon voters from the issues that matter.

The Koch Brothers have already reserved more than $3 million in TV ads in Oregon. How can we respond? By building a strong grassroots-fueled campaign today.

Please chip in before midnight tonight, and let’s send a message that people like you matter more than the Koch Brothers money.

Your donation, of any size, makes a difference.

With appreciation,


Posted on July 31, 2014.