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Latest Updates

April 9, 2018We're cracking down on predatory lending
March 29, 2018Are there carcinogens in our food and in our bodies?
March 27, 2018Just getting started
March 20, 2018Asbestos is still legal?
March 19, 2018Proud to stand with our public schools this week (and every week)
March 12, 2018Make America Safe. Reject the NRA!
March 8, 2018Why I'm Running
March 6, 2018Tell Congress to overturn the FCC's disastrous net neutrality rollback!
March 1, 2018Gathering our strength
Feb. 22, 2018Listen to the children
Jan. 30, 2018The State of the Union address we should be hearing
Jan. 24, 2018Valuing our DREAMers
Jan. 20, 2018Fighting for what's right
Jan. 16, 2018Sign the petition: Tell Congress, "Don't play politics with children's health!
Jan. 8, 2018New year, same values
Dec. 15, 2017One question that can change everything:
Dec. 11, 2017Stop taunting students and their families
Dec. 6, 2017 another handout to the wealthiest few
Dec. 4, 2017This is a moral imperative – add your name to join me!
Nov. 17, 2017Stop the partisan tax plan - before it's too late!
Nov. 9, 2017The U.S. vs. the rest of the world on climate change
Nov. 2, 2017My own Grandmother wouldn't have been allowed in our country...
Oct. 13, 2017Sign the petition to defend birth control coverage
Oct. 4, 2017Is this all we have to offer? Thoughts and prayers?
Sept. 15, 2017Add your name to defend Dreamers!
Sept. 12, 2017Don’t turn back the clock on fighting campus sexual assault
Aug. 29, 2017Tell Trump: Health Care is Your Responsibility
Aug. 7, 2017Stop the attacks on women's health
Aug. 6, 2017Ice cream with Congresswoman Bonamici?
July 24, 2017 Sign the petition to protect health care in rural communities!
July 18, 2017We won't go back, Betsy DeVos
July 12, 2017Sign the petition: Tell the FCC to protect the open internet!
June 26, 2017Sign the petition to stand with Planned Parenthood!
June 22, 2017Sign the petition: Stand up for schools
June 19, 2017Standing With Our LGBTQ Friends and Neighbors
June 12, 2017What gives me hope
June 9, 2017Trump is putting America last
June 3, 2017Sign the petition: Save the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!
June 1, 2017Update on the Paris Climate Agreement
May 25, 2017This bad budget
May 22, 2017Independent, transparent, and nonpartisan
May 12, 2017Betsy Devos' bad idea
May 10, 2017An independent investigation. Now.
May 6, 2017The threat of Trumpcare
May 2, 2017Sign the petition: Stop ICE raids in schools and hospitals!
April 24, 2017Our state has spoken on marijuana
April 22, 2017The March for Science is today!
April 17, 2017Have you filed your taxes yet?
April 10, 2017They're targeting schools and places of worship
April 4, 2017Sign the petition: Stop Trump's immigration policies!
May 14, 2014Congresswoman to deliver law school graduation address - Around the O
March 20, 2014Bonamici, Read and Unger talked school reform, funding and more at Washington County Education Forum - Oregonian
March 20, 2014Rep. Suzanne Bonamici visits 4-H Tech Wizards at Forest Grove High School - Oregonian
Feb. 21, 2014U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici rides along with Beaverton Meals on Wheels program (video) - Oregonian
Feb. 9, 2014Suzanne Bonamici shares lessons from 2 years in U.S. House - Oregonian