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Jan. 27, 2023Standing firm and finding common ground
Jan. 25, 2023Fighting back against anti-choice oppression
Jan. 12, 2023House Republicans continue their assault on reproductive rights
Jan. 6, 2023Two years later, what we now know about January 6
Jan. 5, 2023We have real problems to solve, no matter who holds the gavel
Dec. 31, 2022I'm committed to progress
Dec. 28, 2022Climate action is possible – even in a challenging political environment.
Dec. 9, 2022Protecting marriage equality
Dec. 6, 2022The Supreme Court may gut the Voting Rights Act
Dec. 1, 2022Sign my petition: Tell Congress to invest in affordable housing
Nov. 29, 2022This Giving Tuesday, will you join me in supporting the Oregon Food Bank?
Nov. 15, 2022Some important victories in Oregon
Nov. 9, 2022Thank you
Oct. 31, 2022A better future
Oct. 24, 2022Three amazing women
Oct. 21, 2022Extremist Republicans could win in Oregon. Join the movement to stop them.
Oct. 19, 2022Ballots arriving soon 📭
Oct. 16, 2022A Better Future
Oct. 14, 2022Guess whose birthday it is? 🎂🎉💕
Oct. 11, 2022Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to put marriage equality into law
Sept. 30, 2022Abortion is health care.
Sept. 29, 2022What gives me hope
Sept. 26, 2022One patient paid $1,200 in taxi fare to get to an abortion
Sept. 20, 2022Will you endorse Suzanne?
Sept. 18, 2022Why I am in this fight
Sept. 15, 2022A nationwide ban on abortion
Sept. 7, 2022The ballot is our best tool against the anti-choice agenda
Sept. 5, 2022When workers thrive, communities thrive
Aug. 31, 2022✨Today is a critical fundraising deadline
Aug. 30, 2022The most important part of my campaign
Aug. 23, 2022BREAKING: Kevin McCarthy will be in Oregon
Aug. 22, 2022A constant advocate
Aug. 19, 2022Biden signed this monumental bill into law
Aug. 14, 2022Add your name: Tell Congress to protect Social Security.
Aug. 11, 2022This is a good bill
Aug. 8, 2022Every vote makes a difference
July 28, 2022We have a tremendous amount at stake this year
July 22, 2022Facts matter
July 21, 2022The worst level of hunger since the Great Depression
July 18, 2022Take action on abortion rights
July 14, 2022Joining forces with Elizabeth Warren to protect abortion access
July 6, 2022more extreme weather events:
June 30, 2022The fight is not over
June 29, 2022The battle for Congress runs through Oregon
June 27, 2022A few things on my mind
June 24, 2022The Supreme Court is taking away our rights
June 21, 2022Premeditated and planned
June 16, 2022The fight for LGBTQIA+ equality is not over
June 8, 2022Firearms are the leading cause of death in children
June 2, 2022A win for Oregon women
May 14, 2014Congresswoman to deliver law school graduation address - Around the O
March 20, 2014Bonamici, Read and Unger talked school reform, funding and more at Washington County Education Forum - Oregonian
March 20, 2014Rep. Suzanne Bonamici visits 4-H Tech Wizards at Forest Grove High School - Oregonian
Feb. 21, 2014U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici rides along with Beaverton Meals on Wheels program (video) - Oregonian
Feb. 9, 2014Suzanne Bonamici shares lessons from 2 years in U.S. House - Oregonian

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Meet Suzanne

Suzanne knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. She worked her way through community college, university, and law school. She started her career at Legal Aid and worked as a consumer rights attorney. Throughout her career she’s been a leading advocate for public education, protecting the environment, and civil rights. She’s fighting for a better future for all Oregonians.

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