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Important Election Notice: Supplemental Ballots

by Suzanne Bonamici


I want to make sure you are aware that county clerks in three areas, Clatsop County, McMinnville, and Hillsboro, will be sending supplemental ballots soon. Unfortunately, there were errors made in four specific races and new ballots must be issued for:

Cannon Beach City Council
The Clatsop County Clerk issued incorrect ballots in the Cannon Beach City Council race. The ballots instruct voters to choose “one,” when the instructions should have read “vote for two” candidates. The two candidates, George Vetter and Mike Benefield, are listed correctly.

Press Release Available Here

Clatsop County Community College Bond
The Clatsop County Clerk also issued ballots with incorrect information about ballot measure 4-176, the Clatsop Community College bond. The ballot lists the amount of the bond as “not exceeding $8,200,00.” The correct figure is $8,200,000.

Press Release Available Here

Hillsboro City Council
For Hillsboro voters, the Washington County Clerk incorrectly issued ballots that include Brenda McCoy, a former candidate who withdrew from the race in August. Kyle Allen and Monty Akers are the two candidates running for this position.

Press Release Available Here

McMinnville City Council
In McMinnville, the Yamhill County Clerk issued ballots that incorrectly include all three City Council wards on every ballot. In McMinnville, however, individuals can only vote for the candidate running in their specific ward.

Press Release Available Here

If you live in one of the affected areas, you will receive a supplemental ballot within a week.

Also, please note:

*None of these elections will be postponed

*If you have already submitted your original ballot, all of your votes will count except for in these specific races mentioned above.

*If you have not submitted your original ballot, you will need to complete that one - excluding the erroneous races - and submit it by the deadline, November 4th at 8 pm. You will also need to submit the supplemental ballot to have your vote count in the specific races described above.

*You will receive an additional “return” envelope with the supplemental ballot. Put only ONE ballot inside each “return” envelope before signing and returning them.

*If you, or someone you know, requested an absentee ballot and will not have physical access to the supplemental ballot, you will be able to cast your vote for these races remotely at www.oregonvotes.gov. Instructions are available online and upon request.

These mistakes are extremely disappointing and I will be looking into what can be done to prevent errors like this in the future. I genuinely hope that voters will take the extra step to vote in these important local elections despite the inconvenience.

If you do not live in the areas where the erroneous ballots were sent, you can still help by spreading the word to make sure voters are aware of what is happening.



P.S. Here’s the contact information and website for each county affected:

Clatsop County Clerk & Elections Office
[email protected]
(503) 325-8511

Washington County Clerk’s Office
[email protected]
(503) 846-5800

Yamhill County Clerk & Elections Office
[email protected]
(503) 434-7518

Posted on October 23, 2014.