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This isn't the 1950s

Serving in Congress is an honor, but sometimes it feels like we are back in the 1970s – or even the 1950s… And, it’s hard to believe we are still talking about access to birth control!

Some people think that birth control promotes promiscuity, and that teenagers won’t have sex if they can't access birth control. (Those are probably the same people who think that if abortion is illegal, it will just go away).

Unfortunately, it’s not just Congress that is trying to limit access to birth control. Just this week, the Hillsboro School Board voted 4-3 to stop its school-based health centers from prescribing and distributing birth control. (The 4 came from men; the 3 women).

This decision was short-sighted and wrong. It's the same kind of problem I'm up against in Congress, and a clear reminder why our work is so important. Donate now to help us grow our grassroots movement!

Earlier this month, I received the Marilyn Epstein Pro-Choice Champion Award from Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon.

I was delighted to receive this award for supporting women’s reproductive rights, but I don’t do it for the recognition. I do it for the women who deserve to make their own decisions about if and when to have children.

In Congress, I’ve fought to require insurance companies to cover birth control for 12 months at a time, for comprehensive sex education, and to make sure all women have access to a full range of contraceptive and reproductive services – no matter where they live, their income level, or their insurance.

I’ll keep speaking up for a common-sense approach to women’s health care, and I will never back down to anti-choice extremists who are holding our country back.

Please donate today to keep up the fight to move our country forward!


Posted on May 27, 2016.