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Tell the Hillsboro School Board: Prevent teen pregnancy!

The Hillsboro School Board recently voted 4 to 3 to prevent the school-based health center at Century High School from providing students with access to contraceptives. There are 4 men and 3 women on the board – can you guess who voted for access to contraception?

That's right: all 3 women stood up for women's reproductive health care.

This is one of the many reasons why having women leaders in public office matters.

It’s unacceptable for men to make this health care decision for young women – when they’ve never known what it’s like to be in their position.

Tell the Hillsboro School Board: Provide birth control in the school-based health center!

In Congress and in Hillsboro, I'll always stand up against attacks on women's health. Despite the national attacks on Planned Parenthood, Oregon has been a leader– we’ve reduced teen pregnancy rates by 55% between 1988 and 2014 through the expansion of comprehensive age-appropriate and science-based sexual education and access to contraception. This decision from the Hillsboro School Board sets us back and can hurt the future of young women.

I’m proud to stand with the three women on the Hillsboro School Board who fought for the young women they serve. It’s not the 1950s – we know that refusing to provide contraception to high school students does not stop them from having sex.

Sign the petition: Provide access to contraceptives in Hillsboro’s school-based health center!


Posted on June 11, 2016.