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One year since marriage equality

It’s been one year since marriage equality became the law of the land.

And first, congratulations to all the couples celebrating their one-year anniversary!

Marriage equality was a major win for our country, but our fight to end hatred and discrimination is not over.

We’ve heard hateful rhetoric spewed by a Presidential candidate, seen discriminatory efforts to make it uncomfortable and unsafe for transgender people to use public bathroom, and wept for the victims of the horrific attack at Pulse in Orlando. I’ve been dismayed, appalled, and deeply disappointed by what’s happened over the last year.

It’s a long road to a reaching our shared vision of equality and justice for all Americans, but that’s a fight that I am committed to continuing. I know you are as well.

With the end of the quarter coming up, we are 100 grassroots donations away from reaching our online goal! Will you stand with me and donate today?



Posted on June 26, 2016.