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This is about women and children (petition)

When faced with a public health crisis, our government should take quick action to protect the safety and well-being of our families.  

And that's exactly what President Obama tried to do when the Zika virus first appeared as a threat to our nation. The emergency funding request he sent to Congress would expand mosquito control programs, speed up vaccine research, improve services for low-income women, and help other countries control transmission of the disease.
  But Congress did not pass the President’s request, and Zika has made its way to the United States.
Tell Congress: Fight the outbreak of Zika immediately!
  Unfortunately – and dangerously – some in Congress are trying to slash the funding needed to address this crisis, and they’re trying to use this as another opportunity to attack Planned Parenthood again. 
Anti-choice extremists would rather play politics than make sure women get health care services when they need them most.
  This blatant disregard for the needs of women, particularly women of childbearing age, is unacceptable. We need sensible solutions, not obstructionism.  

Tell Congress to stop playing politics with women's health!

Thank you for standing with women and children, and thank you for standing with me.


Posted on August 5, 2016.