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Respecting our Seniors

I’ve joined Meals on Wheels to deliver meals to seniors in Northwest Oregon, and I’ve met people in our community who get by on very little.

For many of the people I visit, Social Security is the main, if not only, source of income that keeps a roof over their heads.

Social Security celebrated its 81st anniversary this week. Through good times and bad, through recessions and stock market crashes, Social Security has stood firm as a stabilizing force for the middle class.

At our convention last month, Democrats rallied around a progressive platform of strengthening and expanding Social Security. That means fixing the cost-of-living calculation so benefits reflect the real costs our seniors face, and changing the cap on income that is taxable for Social Security.

In Congress, I look forward to working with our next president, Hillary Clinton, to stand up for Social Security, strengthen it, and make sure it’s around for the next 81 years and beyond.

Thank you for standing with me!


Posted on August 19, 2016.