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Trump, Oregon, and our values

What Donald Trump says matters. And as native Oregonian Nicholas Kristof pointed out, it goes beyond politics.

The New York Times recently ran a Kristof column about racism sparked by Trump right here in Oregon. A few months ago in Forest Grove, someone at the high school put up a sign that read “Build a wall!” and chanted the same message at their Latino classmates. The act led students in Forest Grove and around the region to walk out of school in protest.

I’m proud of the students who stood up for what’s right, but I’m appalled by the racist language that has dominated Trump's campaign. When I visited with some of the students who led the protest, they told me that they hear far too much bullying and hateful speech in school.

Donald Trump is modeling this kind of hatred– and he’s set his sights on Oregon. In fact, one of his campaign operatives recently said that they plan on winning in Oregon.

It’s time to build bridges, not walls. Together we can show Donald Trump that his values don’t belong in our great state … or anywhere. Will you please help me meet our goal of 100 online donations before the end of the month?

I’ll keep fighting for Oregon’s values. Thank you for standing with me today!


Posted on August 28, 2016.