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Breaking down walls

Donald Trump talks a lot about how his “wall” will make America great again – but his words are divisive and sending the wrong message to our children.

In Congress, I’m working to make sure every child has an equal opportunity to succeed. And that starts with good public education and safe public schools for our kids:

I played a lead role in the effort to repeal No Child Left Behind and pass a new law that reduces high-stakes testing so teachers can focus on providing a well-rounded education.

I’m working on policies that invest in aging infrastructure to eliminate lead contamination in our schools.

I’m fighting for gun violence prevention legislation to keep our kids safe in their schools and communities.

I'm standing with our diverse student population and against racist rhetoric. We must lead by example and show our students that political debate can be handled with respect and civility.

As students go back to school, they should be and feel safe so they can reach their full potential. Education is an investment we make for a strong future for our nation – and it's my top priority in Congress.

Let’s invest in a future that brings our nation together. Please donate today and let’s fight for equal opportunity for everyone!


Posted on August 30, 2016.