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Petition: Lower the price, save lives.

The price of medication should not be a barrier when lives are on the line.

Unfortunately, some pharmaceutical companies continue to charge more and more for lifesaving medications each year.

Mylan, the company that makes EpiPen, understands how critical their product can be if an allergic reaction threatens a life. But in the last nine years, they have raised the price of a two pack of EpiPens from less than $100 to $608. That's a 548% increase!

There’s no justification -- this is price gauging, plain and simple.

Creating this kind of financial burden for people with severe allergies and taxpayers who help pay for the EpiPen is not right.

Tell Mylan: Lower EpiPen Prices!

Patients shouldn't have to rely on public outcries to afford medication. The pressure on Mylan forced an announcement to offer new discounts, but at $300, the generic medication will still be cost-prohibitive for many families.

Sign the petition: Make lifesaving EpiPens affordable for families!**


Posted on September 16, 2016.