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Petition: A public option for health care

The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Americans get health insurance coverage. Here in Oregon, nearly 95% of Oregonians have health insurance - many for the first time.

But in many states, only one health insurance company participates in the insurance exchange – and they often charge astronomical prices. The ACA was the first step, but we need more competition to drive down the price of coverage.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to create a public option for health insurance coverage!

I’m supporting Congressman DeFazio’s bill calling for the creation of a public option for health insurance (a House companion to Senator Merkley’s bill). People without insurance should be able to buy into a Medicare-like health care plan. It would drive down the price of coverage by adding competition to the market, and increase the number of affordable options.

The momentum is building: Secretary Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders, and President Barack Obama are all calling for a public option – will you join us?

Thank you for standing with me!


Posted on October 20, 2016.