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Investigation needed

by Suzanne Bonamici

This weekend I spoke with a number of angry, frustrated, and worried Oregonians. I share their concerns. Reports that the CIA confirmed Russia interfered in our election in support of Trump’s bid for the Presidency are deeply troubling. It is an unprecedented violation that needs to be addressed promptly and thoroughly.

President Obama has ordered a full review, and I join leaders of both parties in the House and Senate in calling for a full-fledged investigation. But the results of this investigation and its effect on our election can no longer be hidden from the public. Senator Wyden serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he’s right to request that all information related to Russian interference be declassified so we can have all the facts.

This situation should be alarming to every American, regardless of party affiliation. This cuts to the very core of our democracy and we must come together to act right away.

The President-elect’s flippant response is thoroughly unacceptable. We need a transparent investigation to fully gather the facts and develop the appropriate course of action to hold Russia accountable if necessary, to strengthen our cyber-security, and to confirm the results of the election.

But this goes beyond political parties and one election – this is about standing up and defending and protecting our democracy – something that should matter to all of us regardless of our political beliefs.

Posted on December 13, 2016.