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Our state has spoken on marijuana

In 2014, 56 percent of Oregon voters chose to make recreational marijuana legal. I’m committed to defending that decision.

But now the Trump administration has threatened to crack down on legal marijuana. Please sign my petition: Tell Trump to respect states’ rights to reform their marijuana laws!

Eight states have now voted to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana. In Oregon, the marijuana industry has added more than 12,500 jobs to our economy and brought in $60 million in 2016 tax revenue.

Small businesses that sell marijuana should be allowed to use banks, get credit, and write checks like other small businesses, but federal law stands in the way. At present, they typically operate as cash businesses, and employees often carry around large amounts of cash, which creates a public safety concern.

Trump needs to respect the will of Oregon voters – not take us backward. Add your name to stand up for states’ rights to legalize marijuana!

Posted on April 24, 2017.