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The threat of Trumpcare

by Suzanne Bonamici

This week, Trumpcare passed out of the House by a thin margin and is moving to the Senate – despite the drastic consequences for millions of Americans.

Republicans may be callously celebrating the passage of this dreadful bill— but they haven’t won yet. We need affordable health care and improvements to the Affordable Care Act, not increases to your premiums, prescriptions, and deductibles.

Stop this harmful legislation before it reaches Trump’s desk. Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to reject Trumpcare!

Health insurance premiums for seniors and women are going to be more expensive under Trumpcare. Kids with disabilities who get services in school through Medicaid will lose care. And, despite promises to the contrary, this bill does not protect people with pre-existing conditions; in fact, it could even punish survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault by making those pre-existing conditions.

Join me and demand that the Senate to stop this bill from moving forward – add your name today!

Posted on May 6, 2017.