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Betsy Devos' bad idea

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. I'm thankful to all our teachers in Oregon and across the country who are working long, hard hours to give all students an opportunity to succeed.

As a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, I’m working every day to strengthen our schools and to stand up for our students and teachers. But since Trump took office, progress has been slow. President Trump’s budget – supported by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos – would slash funding for public education. That could mean less equity, larger class sizes, and cuts to programs that support a well-rounded education – like the arts, physical education, and civics.

But where would DeVos send taxpayer dollars? To private and religious schools through a new federal voucher system.

It’s wrong. Public schools are the fabric of our community. These voucher schemes make it harder for children to access quality education, especially in rural communities like those that I am proud to represent in NW Oregon.

Vouchers undermine our public school system and the civil rights protections that are designed to give all children, regardless of their zip code, an equal opportunity to succeed. Secretary DeVos is opening the door for more segregation and discrimination in our schools.

We must stand up for our students, teachers, and schools. Let’s stand united against this assault on public education!

Posted on May 12, 2017.