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Sign the petition: Stand up for schools

There will be enormous and detrimental consequences if the Trump Administration and Secretary DeVos get their way and cut more than $9 billion from the education budget. These federal dollars support schools with high populations of low-income students. They help students with disabilities access more equitable education opportunities. They benefit educators and students by providing teachers with professional development courses that bolster their skills and knowledge. The proposed cuts could mean larger class sizes for all, less emphasis on well-rounded education, and more strain on state budgets.

As a leader on the House Education and Workforce Committee, my job is to strengthen public schools and to stand up for our students and teachers – but with a budget like this, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

We’ve got to raise our voices to stop this. Sign the petition to tell Trump and DeVos to protect our schools!

And disturbingly, under the Trump/DeVos plan, billions of dollars that should be funding public education will instead be shifted over to private schools through a new federal voucher system. Private schools that can discriminate and exclude students for any reason. That’s unacceptable. And vouchers are not going to work – especially in small rural school districts like many of those I represent in NW Oregon where there are no other schools nearby.

Trump and DeVos are undermining our public school system and the civil rights protections that are designed to give every child a fair shot at success.

Please add your name to fight back for students and teachers!

Posted on June 22, 2017.