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Sign the petition to stand with Planned Parenthood!

Planned Parenthood serves millions of people every year. They assist women who need breast cancer screenings. They are there for moms who are seeking contraception. They provide critical health care and help prevent unintended pregnancies every day. But now lives are on the line because the GOP is trying to pass Trumpcare and defund Planned Parenthood nationwide.

Add your name to tell Republicans to back off Planned Parenthood!

Trumpcare will make it harder for women to get affordable preventive and maternity care. Defunding Planned Parenthood will make it even worse -- especially for low-income women -- by taking away access and leaving no other viable options. The Republican plan will force clinics to close their doors in rural areas where people need them most.

The continued, baseless attacks on our reproductive rights must stop. Sign the petition to stand with Planned Parenthood!

Thank you for standing with me. And with Planned Parenthood.


Posted on June 26, 2017.