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Sign the petition: Tell the FCC to protect the open internet!

The internet should be a level playing field – not dominated by big businesses and special interests. Net neutrality keeps the internet open and free.

But under Donald Trump, the Federal Communications Commission’s new Chairman Ajit Pai has made it his mission to roll back those protections, putting consumers at risk of paying more for less internet access.

Will you add your name to join our fight to protect the fair and open internet?

I’ve been fighting for families since my time as a consumer protection attorney at the Federal Trade Commission. This is no different.

Without net neutrality, big companies will be in charge of the internet – at the expense of ordinary Americans and small businesses that can’t pay more for the internet “fast lane.”

We must stand together and stop the FCC rollback of net neutrality protections – sign the petition today!

Posted on July 12, 2017.