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Stop the attacks on women's health

Republicans have been pushing terrible health plans that are especially bad for women. Among other things, they've tried to gut funding for Planned Parenthood and make maternity care more expensive. While the GOP is making it more difficult for women to access reproductive care, I’m fighting to make sure that women have accurate medical information when they need it most – when they are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Unfortunately, around the country there are thousands of fake health clinics – Crisis Pregnancy Centers – that prey on vulnerable women. They claim to be health clinics, but they’re actually run by anti-choice volunteers who use tactics like withholding information about pregnancy test results and suggesting, falsely, that abortions lead to infertility or cause breast cancer.

It's wrong, cruel, and dangerous.

I’m fighting to hold these so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” accountable. My legislation would prevent them from misleading women about the services they provide.

We must stop the attack on women’s health care and defend reproductive freedom.

Posted on August 7, 2017.