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Add your name to defend Dreamers!

The Trump administration has put the futures of about 700,000 young people on the line by threatening to end DACA. Dreamers came to the United States as babies or young children, and they need our support. Trump has indicated he will work with Congress, but we have just a short window to act.

Let's send a strong message of support. Sign the petition tell Congress to protect Dreamers!

Dreamers are our friends, neighbors, students, teachers, nurses, and first responders. They help take care of our communities, and we can't turn our backs on them now. These hardworking young people want to contribute to the country they call home. Without DACA, their ability to work or attend school is uncertain, and they're threatened with the prospect of being deported to a country they've never known.

I've been advocating for comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform – including a pathway for Dreamers to become permanent residents. I've even introduced legislation to protect people from aggressive ICE raids targeting immigrants in sensitive locations, including schools and hospitals. But we must act now to fight the Trump administration's attacks on immigrant communities and stand up to protect Dreamers.

Please add your name to defend Dreamers!

Posted on September 15, 2017.