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Sign the petition: Tell Congress, "Don't play politics with children's health!

For the first time since the bipartisan Children's Health Insurance Program started, Congress failed to provide long-term funding for CHIP. Because of CHIP, more than 140,000 Oregon children – and millions more children across the country – are able to access basic health services such as check-ups, immunizations, and dental care.

Unfortunately, despite passing an expensive overhaul of the tax code without paying for it, Republicans are now demanding that we cut other health care programs to pay for CHIP. It's not okay to play politics with children's health.

Sign the petition to tell Congress: stop playing politics with our children's health. Extend CHIP funding.

I will do everything I can to protect health care for all Oregon kids and their families. For the health of our children, add your name to demand that Congress work together to extend critical CHIP funding.


Posted on January 16, 2018.