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Earth Day started because of an oil spill [Petition]

In 1969, more than 3 million gallons of oil spilled into the Pacific Ocean off the shore of Santa Barbara. That spill killed marine life across the Southern California coast and threatened the environment for years. It also inspired Earth Day.

Activists began to speak up for the protection of the Earth, and the energy of that movement led to the first Earth Day in 1970. Speak up for our Earth and our coastlines today!

We've learned a lot from that California oil spill, but President Trump hasn't. His proposal would open up over 90% of the Outer Continental Shelf to new drilling.

Earth Day is an opportunity for us to speak up to support our environment, and make sure environmental disasters like the Santa Barbara oil spill never happen again. I'm speaking up in Washington D.C. to protect our coasts. Can I count on you to add your voice for Oregon? The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is fighting to make sure offshore drilling doesn't happen near Oregon's coast, and now is your chance to be a part of the movement. Will you join them in the fight?

We're committed to protecting our coastlines, no matter what. President Trump has shown that he is not. Not only does the Trump administration want to open up our coasts to drilling, they are simultaneously moving to gut commonsense offshore drilling safety standards that were put in place to protect workers after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Trump wants to increase offshore drilling, AND he wants to make it even more dangerous

Sign the petition to continue the fight against Offshore Drilling!

Challenged by sea level rise and erosion, our coastal communities are already on the front lines of climate change. The threat to the local communities from the development of oil and gas infrastructure, seismic testing, and a potential oil spill risks the livelihoods of these communities as well as the environment. That's why we have to fight for the protection of our coasts now before drilling starts.

Stand with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and me to make sure we protect our coasts from offshore oil drilling. If we take action now, we can stop an environmental disaster before it happens.

Thank you for standing with the OLCV and me,


Posted on April 22, 2018.