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Fighting the Ryan-Trump Agenda

From his first moments in office – earlier, in fact – Donald Trump has pushed an agenda that's been one long assault on American values and working families.

Trump has approached the presidency as part vanity project, part con. He's done irrevocable damage to our democracy by attacking immigrants and people of color, pushing through a partisan tax plan that adds more than one trillion dollars to our national debt, and tweeting messages with dangerous foreign policy implications.

That's why our movement is so crucial; we're fighting to get our country back on track for a better future.

Contribute before our end of month deadline and fuel the fight!

Together, we can win the majority in Congress in the fall and put a check on the Trump administration's attacks on everyday people across the country.

Are you with us? Chip in now to keep up the momentum and take back the House!

I'm proud to stand with you at this crucial moment.


Posted on April 28, 2018.