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A fair and open internet

A few weeks ago, I told you that Congress had the chance to reverse the Federal Communications Commission's disastrous decision to undermine net neutrality. I asked you to sign my petition showing your support for keeping the internet a fair and level playing field– available to everyone, including individuals and small businesses.

Great news: Thousands of grassroots supporters signed, and the Senate had enough votes to overturn the FCC's harmful decision!

But our fight isn't over! I'm working every day for a fair and open internet. Chip in now to keep up the fight!

Donald Trump's FCC is intent on rolling back net neutrality protections, and now it's up to the House to stop them. Without net neutrality, big telecommunications companies could charge more to consumers and small businesses, who can't afford to pay an extra fee for the internet "fast lane."

We're trying to meet our end-of-month fundraising goal and still need 67 grassroots contributions before June 1st. Make a contribution today and help us focus on a fair and open internet for all.

Thank you for standing with me for net neutrality,


Posted on May 30, 2018.