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We must stop Trump's hateful agenda

This is a critical time for our country. We need health care for all, affordable child care, good jobs for working families, debt-free college, affordable housing, and a clean environment.

What are we getting from the Trump Administration?

Border patrol agents tearing young children from the arms of their parents.

A tax bill that benefits millionaires and billionaires.

Attacks on women, workers, immigrants, and our Muslim and LGBTQIA+ friends and neighbors.

This not who we are as a country. The best way to stop this horrific abuse of power is to build a grassroots movement across the country — a movement that will win in November.

We have a goal of 250 grassroots donations by the end of this month.

Trump has shown us how small-minded and vindictive he is — he's sided with the NRA, alienated our allies, and criminalized asylum seekers. They are trying to take away crucial health care protections from millions of Americans with preexisting conditions. And now there is an open seat on the Supreme Court, and we know what kind of Justice Trump will nominate.

We must win in November so we can put a check on this dangerous agenda.

Chip in to help us reach our goal of 250 grassroots donations by Saturday.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on June 27, 2018.