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one seat

One seat makes all the difference.

It's hard to imagine how much damage this president can cause, but add this to the long list: Brett Kavanaugh is Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

Trump has made his intentions clear with this nomination – if Kavanaugh makes it to the Court, Roe v. Wade is at risk, and so are the many protections we've fought to put in place for women, like the Violence Against Women Act and the Affordable Care Act provisions that establish that being a woman is not a preexisting condition.

It's a critical moment for women, and I'll be direct here – we have a tough battle ahead. Without control of the White House and with an increasingly hostile Supreme Court, we must take back the House and Senate to safeguard the freedoms we've fought for, including access to abortion, equal rights, and worker and consumer protections.

When the stakes are this high, we need everyone to step up – can you chip in just to help us take back Congress and stop Trump's disastrous Supreme Court nominee?

I've been fighting back against these attacks on women my entire career, and I'm not giving up now.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on July 10, 2018.