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Cheers to our health

Today marks the 53rd anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid, which means access to health care for millions of Americans. Cheers to that!

When Medicare and Medicaid were introduced in 1965, opponents tried to raise fear by arguing that making health care affordable and accessible would be a burden on our communities and our budget. Americans saw the flaws in those arguments and the programs passed with bipartisan support.

Sound familiar? GOP opponents of the Affordable Care Act are trying to stir up the very same fears. But Americans like health care coverage. They want affordable health care, not political games.

The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are not giving up on their efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Their actions have already driven up insurance premiums. They've eliminated the outreach budget. And they threatened a legal challenge that will deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.

No one should be forced into bankruptcy because of medical expenses. Americans believed that in 1965 and they believe it now.

We must stand strong to protect people with pre-existing conditions and fight for affordable health care. We must take back Congress in November.

Support the blue wave for Congress. That's how we protect America's health care.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on July 30, 2018.