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Betsy DeVos is standing with for-profit colleges

Many people across the country are suffering under mountains of student debt. And many of them were scammed by unscrupulous, for-profit colleges pretending to offer a good education.

Recently, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos betrayed those students by proposing to end a rule that provided debt relief for students who were targeted by deceitful, for-profit colleges.

These swindlers may have money and the Trump administration on their side, but I'm standing with you and with students.

I worked my way through community college and managed to continue through law school with a manageable amount of debt. Everyone should have the same opportunity I had to get a quality education that won't bankrupt their future.

Every day brings a new attack from this administration. It will take constant vigilance and persistent strength for us to prevail. We have to fight back with tenacity and grit. I will be standing with everyday people seeking an education.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on August 2, 2018.