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Stand with our seniors: protect Social Security

Today is the anniversary of Social Security. It's an earned benefit and a critical safety net for millions of Americans. We need to strengthen and protect it – not just for today's retirees, but for future generations.

Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans are already threatening to make cuts to the program that could undermine the livelihood of retirees who rely on the program to make ends meet.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been talking about reforming Social Security for years. In fact, he said it would be his next agenda item after the Republicans passed their tax bill – the tax plan where most of the benefits go to wealthy Americans and corporations and not to everyday Americans.

Although Paul Ryan is leaving Congress after this year, we can't allow him and his Republican allies to cut Social Security before he goes or after he leaves.

I'm working hard to help Democrats win in November so we can protect Social Security from harmful cuts.

Can you give today to help us protect Social Security?

Thank you for standing with me – and with those who rely on Social Security.


Posted on August 15, 2018.