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Only the best for our children

It's September, and parents across Oregon and across the country are sending their kids back to school.

Although my kids are grown now, I have fond memories of back-to-school days.

We always took the obligatory first-day photo (although this got more challenging as the kids got older and objected), and went to back-to-school nights to meet teachers and catch up with families about their summers.

My kids got a great education in the Beaverton public school district, and I want every family to have the same opportunity to give their children a solid foundation and a chance to succeed.

It's about equity.

The public school system can be a consequential force in creating a better future for children and families as well as for our economy. It's the responsibility of elected leaders to make sure that public schools are well-funded and preparing our children for future success regardless of their zip code or what path they take in life.

Equity and opportunity are at stake. That's why I'm standing up to the Trump administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as they attempt to undermine public education.

She's spent a significant part of her adult life trying to divert public dollars from public schools and direct them to private institutions; now she is trying to do that as part of the Trump Administration. Betsy DeVos keeps making it harder for teachers and administrators to do their jobs. Let's stand up to her attacks on our public schools.

I'll keep fighting to make public education better because there is no task more important than investing in the future of our children.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on September 3, 2018.