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Hoosiers can help flip Congress from red to blue. Here's how.

The people of Indiana are familiar with the GOP's reckless agenda; Mike Pence was their unpopular, ineffective one-term governor.

Democrat and home-grown Hoosier Liz Watson is running for Congress in Indiana's ninth district. Liz represents the fresh new leadership Americans seek. And I'm with her 100 percent.

Republicans are pumping money into this race because they see how the grassroots support for Liz is threatening their majority. Her opponent is a first-term Congressman who moved into the state to run for office. He votes lock-step with the GOP leadership and refuses to meet Liz in a debate. The constituents are ready for someone who will be there for them, listen to their concerns, and vote in their best interests. The momentum for Liz is increasing and will continue to increase in the next few weeks leading up to November.

Join me in supporting Liz Watson. Pitch in to help Democrats win this seat in Congress.

Liz felt compelled to jump into the race for Congress because she could not stand idly by while Republicans, including her opponent, put the health care of millions of Americans at risk. She knows how important it is to expand and strengthen Medicare, and to make health care affordable and accessible for all. As unions, teachers, Emily's List, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn, and many others know, Liz supports investing in our workforce, raising the federal minimum wage, strengthening our schools, ensuring equal rights for all, and protecting our environment.

As an attorney, Liz represented working people who were treated unfairly in low-wage jobs. As a valued staff member on the House Education and Workforce Committee, she specialized in issues affecting working families. Liz is a fierce advocate for paid family leave, affordable child care, and equal pay for equal work. And she is a smart, caring, and genuinely nice person who will be a great representative.

I'll be heading to Indiana later this month to support Liz. I hope you'll join me in making sure she wins in November.

Let's flip this Indiana seat from red to blue. Pitch in for Liz Watson.

Thank you for standing with me – and with Liz Watson.


Posted on September 14, 2018.