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Make our voices loud and clear

We're entering the final stretch of this critical election. Here in Oregon, ballots will start arriving in mailboxes this week. I want to remind everyone what's at stake.

At the federal level, this election is about restoring common sense, morality, and accountability in our government.

Trump and his administration are doing unprecedented damage to democracy, the economy, the environment, and our country's standing in the world. The current Republican majority in Congress has failed to conduct any meaningful oversight, instead, acting as an arm of the White House and doing everything it can to cover up the administration's lawless, scandalous behavior.

Winning back the House is critical to stop the damage and begin repairing it. We have an excellent chance of doing that, but it's not guaranteed.

Can you chip in $3 to support my campaign and help us win back the House?

With Democrats in control, we'll have many more tools to investigate, expose, and create accountability for the White House – including the power to subpoena and call witnesses – even if Republicans keep control of the Senate.

Any legislation will need our support to pass, which means we can stop the constant attempts to take away our health care, undermine Social Security, cut important safety net programs, privatize public education, repeal environmental protections, and create more tax breaks that work for the wealthiest.

There are only 20 days until Election Day.

We can do this.


Posted on October 17, 2018.