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The people of the district

I recently had the pleasure of traveling around NW Oregon to talk with voters about the issues that are most important to them.

We made eight stops in six cities over three days. Although the communities may have different challenges, the responses I got from voters were remarkably consistent. They know that incomes are not keeping pace with expenses and that we need to create an economy that works for everyone. They care about protecting health care for people with preexisting conditions, improving access to public education, and addressing climate change.

They want a representative who will hold the Trump administration accountable and listen to their voices.

It's important to be accessible and to talk directly with voters around our diverse district, and I'm looking forward to continuing these conversations if I am honored with reelection. I'm asking for your help to get me there. The last end-of-quarter deadline before Election Day is on Wednesday, Oct. 31. Can you chip in to help me get over the finish line?

Thank you to everyone who joined us on my district tour. Onward to November!

With appreciation,

Posted on October 30, 2018.