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Oregon leads the way

We should be making it easier – not harder – for voters to cast their ballots. Here in Oregon, we've been voting by mail for nearly two decades.

It's secure, tamper-proof, and convenient, especially for voters who can't afford to take time off from work to get to the polls and voters who can't leave home or stand in line because of health reasons.

Why isn't everyone voting by mail?

Sign the petition for a nationwide vote by mail.

In-person voting at the polls is outdated. Long lines, limited hours at polling places, and inflexible work schedules make it difficult for everyone to participate in our democracy.

Vote by mail increases participation. That is the future of democracy.

Tell Congress: vote by mail is the way to go.

Oregonians know vote by mail works.

Thank you for standing with me,

Sign the Petition

Posted on November 1, 2018.