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Standing Up for Older Americans

Many of you selected "standing up for older Americans" as a priority in my survey a few weeks ago. I help take care of my 90-year-old mom, so I appreciate the importance of this issue. Caring for Mom has helped me develop a personal understanding of the challenges that older Americans face and how important it is to maintain as much independence as possible when we age.

All people deserve to live with dignity and respect, which is why a secure retirement and earned benefits like Social Security are so important.

I have spent much of my adult life fighting for seniors, and I won't stop now. In Congress, I've focused on:

Throughout their lives, seniors have contributed significantly to the quality of life in our communities. It's our responsibility to make sure they can live the rest of their lives with dignity.

Thank you for standing with me, and with older Americans,

Posted on December 18, 2018.