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Every 16 minutes

Each day, about 90 Americans lose their lives to gun violence. Just last week we heard news about more mass shootings in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Every injury and death from gun violence is preventable, and right now it's too easy to obtain a gun. In fact, one in five people who buy a gun does not even have to pass a background check.

It's time to enact common-sense policies to prevent gun violence – starting with universal background checks at the point of sale. Up to 97% of all Americans support background checks for all gun sales, so the new House Bill requiring universal background checks should pass easily.

With the outsized influence of organizations like the National Rifle Association, it's critical that we stand together in support of this legislation. Sign your name and tell my colleagues in Congress: we need universal background checks now.

Join our coalition and demand action to address gun violence.


Posted on January 29, 2019.