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In March we made strides.

March was a busy month! Along with our team, I've been working on issues that matter most to Oregonians. Some of the highlights:

Standing Up for Women: we rallied together in Portland at the Womxn's March, stood up for reproductive freedom, and advocated for the long-overdue ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Addressing the Climate Crisis: we continued fighting for bold action to reduce emissions and transition to renewable energy sources and circulated a petition supporting the Green New Deal.

Equal Rights: we introduced legislation to counter the unique challenges of isolation and barriers to care faced by elderly members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and advocated for passage of the Equality Act to end discrimination in states with insufficient protections.

Gun Violence Prevention: we celebrated the passage of universal background checks with Moms Demand Action and discussed ways to keep our communities safe from gun violence.

Education: we emphasized the importance of National Child Nutrition programs for students.

Asbestos: we worked with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and others on legislation to protect Americans from asbestos.

Throughout this Congress, we will be focused on issues that matter to Oregonians and Americans. This month, I'm asking you to become a monthly donor to help sustain our campaign. Your commitment of each month helps us prepare for 2020 and stay focused on the issues that matter.

This week we're preparing for our first end-of-quarter fundraising deadline. Our goal is ambitious: 200 grassroots donations.

People like you power our campaign, and your grassroots donations are the backbone of all we do.


Posted on March 28, 2019.