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People are taking to the streets

There are immigration demonstrations across the country today—including right here in our community.

Last year, Senator Merkley, Senator Wyden, Representative Blumenauer, and I went to Sheridan, Oregon to visit ICE Detainees who were held in federal prison.

At the time, there were 123 detainees from 16 countries seeking asylum—several were parents who had their children snatched away at the border. Our visit underscored how cruel and inhumane Trump's immigration policies are.

A year later:

Families are experiencing prolonged detention in inhuman conditions.

Families who have already endured a tremendous struggle in hopes of a better, safer life for themselves and their children are trapped in a nightmare created by the Trump administration.

I stand with the demonstrators. In Congress, I will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform and against inhumane detention - and any other policy that dehumanizes people.

Thank you for standing with me,

Posted on July 2, 2019.