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Leopards, and Tigers, and Bears -- oh my!

Across NW Oregon, people are working diligently to reduce their carbon footprint and help curb climate change. I've met with small business owners, family farmers, and environmental leaders about their work to reduce harmful emissions and preserve natural habitats.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration is working tirelessly to undo these efforts. The latest? Dismantling the Endangered Species Act.

The Trump administration recently announced changes to the Endangered Species Act that would:

There's too much at stake to continue Trump's agenda of putting special interests and pro-pollution lobbyists over action on climate change.

The Endangered Species Act has brought countless animals back from the brink of extinction. Protecting the environment cannot continue to be a partisan issue; in fact, a Republican president signed the ESA into law after it was passed with bipartisan support.

I am committed to fighting for our environment and for endangered species - like snow leopards, tigers, and polar bears.

More soon,

Posted on August 19, 2019.