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numerically speaking

Since Democrats won the majority in the House, we've passed almost 400 bills – that includes legislation on many of the issues that matter most to our community:

But nearly 80% of those bills are stuck in the Senate, ground to a halt by Mitch McConnell.

This isn't about partisanship – more than 275 of those bills are bipartisan – it's gridlock. We will continue to call on the Senate to vote because one person must not stand in the way of progress.

I won't stop advocating for a better future for the people I'm honored to represent. In the State of Oregon, each tax-paying Oregonian can get a $50 credit if they donate to a qualified political campaign or cause. The tax credit for political contributions is one that you must "use or lose."

By contributing $50 to our campaign you can support me in this fight.

More soon,


Posted on December 5, 2019.