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Coronavirus information by county:

I want to make sure you have the latest information about Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Every region is experiencing this outbreak differently – even within our District in NW Oregon. The most accurate information for you and your family is available from the county:






Today Oregon's Governor Kate Brown has ordered all Oregon schools closed until April 1st.

Right now, we're working to address the impacts the virus may have on working families nationwide. Nearly 22 million students nationwide receive a free or reduced-price lunch through their public schools. These meals are often the only source of nutritious food for students. As public health officials continue to take necessary precautions because of the coronavirus, we must make sure that these children can still access meals during school closures. I've introduced bipartisan legislation in Congress that will create a nationwide waiver authority and allow schools the flexibility they need to distribute food.

I expect that my bill will be included in the emergency legislation we hope to vote on today. The emergency bill will likely include provisions to make sure everyone who needs to be tested for Coronavirus can get be tested without cost, paid emergency leave, enhanced unemployment insurance, and several provisions to address food insecurity.

More soon,

Posted on March 13, 2020.

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