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🚸 The state of child care in Oregon

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted some of the weakest aspects of our economy. Even before the current COVID-19 pandemic, many families struggled to find affordable, high-quality child care, and many child care workers struggled to make ends meet. With mandatory closures, access to quality child care has become more important and more scarce.

It's estimated that a quarter of all Oregon child care providers won't be able to sustain their businesses during a forced closure of two weeks or more. One in five reported they couldn't financially manage the closure of any length.

If our fragile child care system takes a hit, that will devastate child care workers, business owners, and the working families who depend on them. With Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden, I'm calling for funding to:

  • Assist essential and emergency workers in covering the cost of child care during the pandemic,
  • Help child care providers cover operating expenses, and
  • Provide hazard pay, robust labor standards, and personal protective equipment for child care workers.

With schools and child care centers closed and physical distancing in place, families are struggling. Essential workers like health care providers and grocery workers have limited options for child care. Child care workers have been laid off because of closures.

When our economy is ready to reopen safely, we need a robust child care infrastructure in place so parents can return to work knowing their children will be in good care. We knew child care workers were essential before they were deemed so by this emergency; now we must stand with them and give them the resources and support they have always deserved.

Thank you for standing with me,


Posted on April 28, 2020.

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