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Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor

Today should have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday. Breonna was an essential worker, an EMT who put her health and wellbeing at risk to serve her community on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was a beloved daughter and niece – known as "the baby of the family" and a unifying force – a friend and community member. But when the local police mistakenly charged into her home, shooting and killing her as she slept, all that was taken away.

Breonna Taylor

Her death was preventable and unjust. And unfortunately, tragically, it was not an isolated incident. The death of too many Black Americans is because of centuries of racism, discrimination, and oppression.

As of this morning, the officers involved in Breonna's murder have not been arrested or charged. Over the past few days, the world has watched as our country took to the streets to speak out against police brutality and systemic racism. We must continue to demand justice for Breonna, George Floyd, Tony McDade, and too many others.

We must act and make immediate policy changes to end the systemic racism plaguing our country.

To start, I have co-sponsored a resolution in Congress to condemn police brutality, racial profiling, and excessive use of force in police departments. These cruel and unjust practices cannot continue.

And finally, A.G. William Barr needs to resign. The use of tear gas on peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park outside the White House so Trump could take a photo in front of a Church is inappropriate, cruel, and an abuse of power.

Thank you for standing with me,



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Posted on June 5, 2020.

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