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We need meaningful, national solutions.

Police brutality and violence against non-white communities is not a new problem. Generations of Black, Indigenous, and communities of color have been traumatized by systemic racism and violence. In the past few weeks, people have taken to the street to demand change. I'm working to lift up their voices and pass federal laws that dismantle racist policing and racist policies.

Police accountability and reform are crucial. I've fought and voted for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. We need national policies; department-to-department, city-to-city solutions are insufficient.

Here are a few pieces of our bill:

This is our moment in history for big, bold reform. And these reforms will save lives.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a longtime leader in our communities, pushing for action. And that's why, beyond fighting for reform, I'm also supporting the Black Lives Matter movement financially. I'm proud to say that our grassroots team has raised $28,912 toward their efforts, and we're not stopping there.

Please chip in $15 to these organizations fighting on the frontline, so they can keep up the fight.

More soon.

Posted on July 16, 2020.