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Neither Law Nor Order

The President is trying to deflect from his failed leadership on the coronavirus by making a show of sending scores of camouflage-clad federal officers to the streets of Portland, where they have exacerbated tensions and stoked fear.

Donald Trump is trying to convince voters he's a "Law and Order" president, but this is neither "Law" nor "Order." And he is not a dictator.

I am outraged by the actions of the Trump administration’s unidentifiable troopers and by the harm they are causing to Oregonians and our community. Yesterday I was on MSNBC to repeat my demand that the Trump administration immediately withdraw these additional officers – before more people get hurt. Watch it here.

The protests in Portland are about police brutality; more police brutality will not end them. I will continue to fight for our First Amendment rights and the systemic changes we need.

In solidarity,

Posted on July 19, 2020.