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We're demanding that they leave; they are not helping our community

In Oregon, we support and value the right to protest.

Newly deployed, unidentified federal officers have arrived in Portland, sent by the Trump administration. Militarized stormtroopers have snatched peaceful protesters off the streets, tossed them into unmarked cars, and detained them for questioning - all without a Miranda warning.

What we need is de-escalation; instead they have brought us what we would expect from an authoritarian regime. This is not the Oregon way, and we want them out of our city.

My colleagues and I are demanding answers, transparency, and accountability. We're fighting so Portland and other cities around the country can have more protection from the authoritarian, terrifying tactics used by the Trump administration.

Tell Trump: Authoritarianism Has no Place in America

We must hold law enforcement accountable for violating the Constitutional rights of Oregonians and for escalating tensions in our community, and we must pass this legislation to block Trump from sending unidentified officers to operate with impunity in Portland and other cities.

Sign the petition and tell Trump: authoritarianism has no place here.


Posted on July 23, 2020.