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$11 million taken from Oregon public schools...in a pandemic?

Betsy DeVos has had an abysmal record as Secretary of Education.And now during the pandemic, she is recklessly following Trump's dangerous idea to reopen schools without protecting our students, teachers, and families. Sign the petition demanding she resign as Education Secretary now.

DeVos failed to answer the most basic questions about keeping our children safe in schools, suggesting that CDC guidelines were "meant to be flexible." She provided no further information about how schools could keep educators, our children, and staff safe, or how to address an outbreak.

Congress passed the CARES Act to help students in our public schools get through the pandemic by providing equitable assistance. Secretary DeVos continues to willfully disregard the spirit and the letter of that law.

Here in Oregon, she's trying to take up to $11 million from Oregon public schools and redirect it to private schools.

We know that public school teachers and staff are working hard to prepare for an unprecedented school year, and they need all the resources we can give them to educate students safely and equitably. We will not allow this unlawful, ideological ploy by Betsy DeVos to take millions away from our public school students and send it to private schools.

We need your help fighting back against Secretary DeVos's failed leadership. She has shown time and time again that her loyalty is not to public education but to partisan politics, special interest groups, and discriminatory policies – not our students.


Posted on August 12, 2020.

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